Sunday, October 01, 2006


All the Homerton Freshers arrive today and it's time once again to meet loads of new people! ahhh! Tonight the bar will be packed with complete strangers who need to get to know each other. What an opporunity for people watching!!!
Some will be overthetop friendly.
Some will be drinking loads to look good.
Some will be looking at the floor nervously.
Some will be really flirty.
Some will be striding round like they own the place.
Some will chat to the same group all night, others will drift round.
Some will welcome people in, others will dominate and shut people out.
Some will be in their room!

It's all about first impressions but will anyone actually be themselves?!!!

But the real tricky bit comes when you get to the 4th question.
If the conversation gets past: 'What's your name?' 'Where you from?' 'What subject do you do?' then you're doing well!

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Anonymous said...

Taken from the award winning book "Bar life" written bysocial psychologist Peter Gingerson