Sunday, October 15, 2006

DELIRIOUS LIVE - Always something special

So my incomprehensible week came to a fitting end last night with a remarkable gig by the one and only Delirious. It was a gig packed with so many special moments. Some moments got me jumping for joy, others brought water droplets to the base of my eyes. They played nearly the whole new album mixed in with some old ones and I'm pleased to report the new songs worked so well live, despite their tender nature on the album. And it was so much more than an awesome practical performance; there was no holding back when it came to the singing of, 'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus' within the concert hall context, where 'The Kooks' had played only the night before.
My one regret is I forgot my camera so I've found these pics on the web:
Nice white suits.
Comedy moment of early nineties classics played on £15 keyboards.
New videos for most songs were impressive - added something new to the ultimate 'History Maker.'

And a certain Daniel Bedingfield made a guest appearance to sing one verse and chorus!

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