Friday, August 11, 2006


I've hesitated about doing this post cos it sounds so hypocritical. I've got to be the first to admit that I've almost forgotten about the Make Poverty History campaign of 2005 and seem to have less interest in it now. I'd even forgotten that the MPH banner is still in the right hand corner of my blog. After all, that was 2005 wasn't it? 2006 was World Cup year. And the media has understandably moved on.

But look how easily I've passed the buck! Just cos it's not on the tele doesn't mean that the need still isn't there and that the campaign still doesn't rumble on. On the more positive side it is hard for us, stuck away in our little comfortbale corner of England, to see the difference that would have been made by MPH. Big promises were made that would make big differences. And so the campaign has cleverly moved on to MAKE PROMISES HAPPEN.

Did you even know that there has been another G8 summit in 2006? It pretty much passed me by. There's also a G8 summit in 2007 and I've a sneaky feeling that more atttention and campaign pressure on poverty will be given then. So is it time to refocus again? It's not really right for me just to relay info from the main websites, pretending as if I really know what's going on, so let me just point you in their direction.
Live 8 
Make Promises Happen 
Make Promises Happen My Space 

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