Saturday, August 26, 2006

Crazy Momentum Joy

I set out a couple of dreams/goals before Momentum and they were well and truly met! Firstly, the DNA stand didn't feel like the defining point of the week - I was delighted that I was able to find loads of time to spend with friends, chat, banter, rock and cheesy disco dance.
And secondly, the immense freedom in worship meant I did feel 16 again. 4100 of us just went crazy, like I mean CRAZY - jumping around and shouting out with few inhibitions. What an atmosphere of joy! A joy which I want so much to take away from Somerset and hang onto when I'm stuck on a maths equation or got my hands in a washing up bowl (!!) in the coming months.

And yet it's always the hardest and most challenging aspect of a week like Momentum which becomes the stand out point from it. It was that of sacrifice and putting others before yourself, which is such an alien concept in our consumerist culture. One night a 78 year old (and really with it 78 yr old, so much so that he looked 55!) called Brother Andrew came to talk to us and he's been to some pretty tough war-torn places in his time, and is still going to places where you would least want to go. And he just goes - he doesn't wait for an invite. Remarkable.
And d'you know what, for the first time I began to realise what it means to say (or sing!) you'll do anything or go anywhere that God wants. And d'you know what, we were asked whether we were up for it and when it came to the crunch I couldn't say yes. It's such a big deal, like ANYTHING! And I couldn't do it. The fear or rationalising or self doubt or whatever you want to call it, held me back.
But I don't beat myself up about that. It made me so aware of my limitations and frailties. And that is exactly where God wants to meet us. He has no illusions of us and never has had. And that is the beauty of Grace. And that is why we jump around full of joy.

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