Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Summer Blast 2006

I'm back home now from the Summer Blast and looking for a job. One of the things which stands out for me from the Blast is that 2006 was the 4th year that the Blast has been on, and it'll be back there next year. Over the previous years the 10 days of projects have been the springboard for more sustained work with young people in the area. So this isn't just a one off - the great connections and friendships made during the Blast will continue, which is just so important. Over the 4 years the core Blast team have seen the difference made to young individuals, even reaching the point were some of the first troublesome youngsters are now helping out. And because of this sustained difference made in a community which needs it, the Summer Blast is looked forward to throughout the year. I'll always remember going into a rough looking pub on the 2nd day, wearing my Summer Blast t-shirt, with the aim of taking in some beer mat advertisements. And I was greeted with the friendly words, 'Yeah, it's the Summer Blast innit!'

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