Tuesday, July 04, 2006


On Sunday night I wrote that the hard work was worth it, but didn't really have anything in mind when I did write it. I just felt I should put it down. Well, Monday was a day full of really encouraging stories. Stories of breakthroughs in conversations and behaviour, and direct answers to prayer.
Let me tell you about one such event which moved me so much I had a face like Beckham's when he resigned as captain, but one of the happy variety. During the weekdays it's less busy cos the kids are at school, so in the morning the Summer Blast team took the opportunity to sing songs to God. But one troublesome youngster was still hanging around, obviously schiving from school. So he decided to come and sit with us. I loved the sight of him tapping his foot to the strummings of the guitar and screwing up his face as he closed his eyes during a time of prayer. For this guy just to sit still for half an hour was a breakthrough, let alone not think we had completely lost the plot!!!!!

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