Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Life After DNA

Yesterday I went up to Bromley in London to help with a DNA training block. It really felt good to be back in the set up a year on and catch up with a few people, even if I now don't know most of the trainees there. The new venue's nice as well!
I was helping with the session humorously entitled 'Life after DNA.' For those of you that have done DNA you must love it when the same old jokes come out every year. So when the 4 ex-trainees were being introduced to be questioned by the current DNA gang, we were introduced as 'living proof that there was life after DNA' and out of the 4 of us there were, '2 previous DNAers and there carers!'
Personally it was actually a really good opportunity to look back over the past year and think about the areas where I've moved forward, where I haven't and important things I've completely forgotten about. It has been a great year at uni which I've really loved. I now see that loads that I learnt during DNA was building me up for getting the most of uni. For example, before DNA I guess I struggled with building frienships thinking, 'why would anyone want to hang out with me.' And yet now after DNA, and the freshstart of uni, I just love being around so many people and feeling so much freer to be myself.

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