Friday, June 16, 2006

The Game in Pictures

1. After Peter Crouch's shocking miss in the first half

2. After Gerrard's left footed screamer

Thanks to Rosie for these action photos. Good work. Rosie, would you like a full time position as 'Walk On's official photographer?

And now please allow me to talk football. Feel free to move on to your next favourite blog if football talk isn't your cup of tea.
We need to sort out our midfield. Gerrard and Lampard just don't seem able to play together. Gerrard's being asked to play the more defensive role and it just restricts him so much. And then the defenders just seem to be playing looping balls forward that bisect the midfield and are easily cleared. That's rubbish. For me, the answer is to play a proper defensive midfielder, preferrably Carrick. We'll need that added solidarity for the bigger games so why not try it now?
But to finish on a positive note - Rooney's very presence gave the whole team a lift. And Aaron Lennon - brilliant.

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