Friday, June 30, 2006

Set up day.

Set-up day today which was long, hard and physical. So tired and the actual event hasn't started yet!!!!
Main problem today was that the main marquee didn't arrive til 4pm. Which meant that we were still setting up at 9pm.
Had been hoping to have finished in time to watch the Argentina game. But that dream soon deminished. Sounds like it was good. Germany eh!!
England flag will be out tomorrow!! We're showing the game on a projector in our mahoosive strong and sturdy marquee. So should be a cracking atmosphere. The game just doesn't get much bigger than this. We just have to win. Please. COME ON ENGLAND!!
Right now I'm off to bed. Night, night everyone. Sleep tight.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Summer Blast

Today I'm off to start helping at the Summer Blast which is in Kings Hedges in north Cambridge. Not sure how much I'll be able to blog during the week but I'm fairly hopeful that I can keep you posted. And I'll try and get some photos for you. See you soon. Pete

p.s. oh, and don't worry I'll keep up to date with the footy!

Sunday, June 25, 2006


It was frustrating, hard work and won't live long in the memory but hey, it's job done. No point playing super football and going home. I'm hoping England's big time players are saving themselves for the big moments. We're in the quarter finals of the World Cup! YES!!!
I liked the formation. Having Rooney makes such a difference and for once we were trying to pass the ball about. It's not spectacular or dramatic but this is the nature of football. Sometimes it'll be end to end and flowing, other times it's all about tactics.

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. Well done England.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Nearly A Football Free Post

It's quite hard in Uni-land at the moment cos lots of good friends are off home for the summer and I won't see some now until October. Many are off doing exciting things all round the world, and I'm sure the wondrous internet will keep us in contact, but it's still hard to say bye.

Over the last couple of days I've been helping out at a big event in Cambridge where the world's biggest dress has been on show. It's basically a massive tent which has thousands of patches sown onto it which people have painted. The event is to raise awareness for trade justice issues and is organised by a student campaigning network called SPEAK.
Nearly a football free post but can't leave today without giving a mention to the nation of Ghana, Argentina being awesome, and the prospect of watching Australia v. Brazil!

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Game in Pictures

1. After Peter Crouch's shocking miss in the first half

2. After Gerrard's left footed screamer

Thanks to Rosie for these action photos. Good work. Rosie, would you like a full time position as 'Walk On's official photographer?

And now please allow me to talk football. Feel free to move on to your next favourite blog if football talk isn't your cup of tea.
We need to sort out our midfield. Gerrard and Lampard just don't seem able to play together. Gerrard's being asked to play the more defensive role and it just restricts him so much. And then the defenders just seem to be playing looping balls forward that bisect the midfield and are easily cleared. That's rubbish. For me, the answer is to play a proper defensive midfielder, preferrably Carrick. We'll need that added solidarity for the bigger games so why not try it now?
But to finish on a positive note - Rooney's very presence gave the whole team a lift. And Aaron Lennon - brilliant.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Winning Ugly - That'll Do

Finally a chance to post after a busy but great few days. Beth came to visit on Friday and has just left today after doing some touristy things in Cambridge. It won't surprise you that Beth appreciated the old buildings and the river more than I did! Stu and Windo also popped down for a cracking Saturday afternoon in the scorching sunshine to watch England. The BBC had a big screen up in Cambridge and apparently 10,000 came to watch! Did you see us on the tele?

We had a good spot near the front after getting there 2 hours before kick off. Was good atmosphere although the crowd got more tense and frustrated as the game died and more beer was drunk. I've got rediculously embarrassing sunburn in strange places where I missed the cream! Worst is a straight line on the top of my face - you can actually see finger marks where the cream went on! oh, well, atleast it makes people laugh.

So verdict on the game - started well and then very quickly wilted in the heat. Not convinced by the tactics but a win is a win. All the best teams win ugly. More to come I hope.

Here are some more photos of our afternoon in the sunshine, with England flags, strawberries and baguettes.