Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Jesus Goes to Hollywood

Watched Narnia again recently and it got me thinking about my fave films. You know how I bang on about song lyrics being just as important as the tune, well I think movies are the same. My fave films can be watched on many different levels, sometimes purely for enjoyment and other times they get you thinking about the meaning of what's going on. Narnia is a perfect example of this, and I guess the Matrix would be another.
Yesterday I was reading a recent article on Yahoo entitled, 'What Would Jesus Direct?'. It's about how Hollywood are increasingly asking themselves that question, after the surprise box office smash of 'The Passion'. Jesus was the master at pulling a crowd and holding their attention. He told entertaining stories which could be heard on many different levels. I'm hoping that Hollywood answer the question, 'What Would Jesus Direct?' with ingenuity and creativity cos I'm not convinced that Jesus would just churn out Biblical epics just for the sake of it....
The article finishes with a comment on the soon to be released 'Da Vinci Code.' I've read the book and found it highly enjoyable, and I'm sure the film will be as well. But some Christians are asking people to boycott the film, cos it contains content about Jesus which they don't agree with. But rather than not going to see it, in an attempt to be a statistic in a Hollywood office somewhere, I'd rather see it with friends and engage with the inevitable conversations and questions raised.
I guess in summary I agree with 2 quotes from the Yahoo article; 'Movies that raise issues are more interesting than movies that try to give answers,' and 'If the whole world wants to talk about Jesus, then let's be ready to have that conversation.'

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