Thursday, May 18, 2006

In the Interests of Safety

I'm sorry Arsenal. That was tough. You gave it everything but it wasn't to be. Any regrets? Would you have preferred to have conceded rather than have Jens sent off? At half time I said no. Now it's a definite yes. Good game though, but no consolation.

And how did my night pan out in the end? Well, I had all good intentions to leave the pub at half time and cycle to meeting, knowing that there was a big probability that I'd miss the 2nd half. With the score as it was at half time, the strain to pull myself away was at breaking point but nevertheless on 45 mins, I stepped outside the pub with cycle helmet in hand.
Only to be pelted on by rock solid rain drops - the kind that actually make you flinch. So 'in the interests of safety' I sent a quick apology text message and popped back inside for the 2nd half.


Jon said...

tho we lost our lads did us proud - they gave it everything and were looking very good until jens had to make the walk of shame.

the following 70 was tought and we did well we did very wiell untill the final quater of the match when the extra man caught up on us.

can't blame the ref for sending jens off, but he bottled the whole match imo, he missed so many calls.

i still can't work out why or how he gave us the free kick that lad to our goal.

barca also weren't as good as i have seen them play, eto'o and ronaldinho didn't shine. marques and puyol were playing dirty and chipping in with bad challenges - same can be said for their rightback can't remember his name now.

the diffrence maker was larsen plain and simple.

i'd love to see carxca arsenal lock horns again .

the night was not ment to be - always next year, for a transitional season im quite happy how we did in the latter half of it.

Anonymous said...

Hey pete, Brother here. These were my initial thoughts after the game!I'm dissapointed by the way the ref didn't let the first goal count and decided to send of Lehmann instead. I feel the ref has completely missed the point of why you give someone a straight red in that situation. You give someone a straight red because they have been PREVENTED from scoring a decent goal scoring oppurtunity. But, Barca did score a goal, so whyyyyyyyy bring the play back, spoilt the whole game as a spectacle and stopped us all seeing quality attacking flowing football. Yet, am I dissapointed that Arsenal lost? No, because Barcelona are a better team. End of. And once again, we see the enormous double standards of commentators like Andy Gray, some Arsenal fan, and Arsene Wenger. Who until Arsenal stopped winning never mentioned the fact that the game had been spoilt, but now insist that Barcelona were kicking them left right and centre. If we were in Spain, the commentators would have been livid with the decisions that went against them. The fact was, more decisions went against Barcelona then Arsenal and even when weighted with importance Barcelona had the short straw. Two main examples of Arsenal's unsportsmanship, and hence double standards, were firstly when Eboue dived for the free kick that led to the goal and when an Arsenal player went down because he was injured and the Arenal player on the ball kicked it out but only kicked it to a Barcelona player, so he kicked it out, then Arsenal didn't give the ball back! Now, cast your mind back to when Arsenal were playing Tottenham and Wenger almost landed a right hook on Martin Jol when Tottenham didn't kick the ball out. Yeah, ok, Arsenal had a couple of decisions against them but none of these were very important ones at all. And Henry after the match said to the Sky reporter that the referee could have been wearing a Barcelona shirt. Come on, Henry, you're better than that. These examples of Arsenal's inability to be humble in victory and in defeat is a startling trend in the premiership among managers aswell as players to only see in black or white, the grey area of football. I would also like to remind everyone of how Arsenal gained fourth spot after Tottenham got food poisoning and yet all the Arsenal fans celebrated like nobody's business. Fair enough, you mind think, to celebrate their perhaps injust victories but to moan about their just defeat tonight would be tragic. Hold your heads up high Arsenal fans, you played well, but Barca were better. (I think perhaps I was a little bit on edge at the time of writing so now, I'd calm it down a bit)

Petros mole said...

wooah! in depth sports analysis from the best pundits in the business. nice work.
+ jon i'm impressed by your humility in defeat

Anonymous said...

I'd like to congratulate Chris Atkinson on his correct analysis of Arsenal and accuracy in pointing out Arsenal's persistant double standands. As a Spurs fan, I have continually pondered why we should have put the ball out when to Arsenal players had tackled each! I'm glad Barca won because having spent most of the season with out an Englishman in the team, Arsenal are not respresentatives of England. That is all for the present!
P.S. Campbell will always be a Spur at heart!