Saturday, April 29, 2006

Please Excuse Me while I have a Little Rant

Please excuse me while I have a little rant. If there's one thing which gets on my nerves it's the British media. They're so rude, intrusive and judgemental. Grr.
Yesterday, Phil Scolari turned down the England job giving the British media as one of his reasons. And who can blame him? 'In the last few days when I was not even the manager of England my freedom was taken away from me and that is not the coaching I am used to.' Within hours of being offered the England job, 'Big Phil' had 20 reporters outside his house and was already upset about having his wife compared to Sven's. Why? It seems that a huge weekly wage isn't worth having your freedom taken away.
Even today, the papers are accusing the FA of being a shambles and blaming them for Scolari not accepting the job but er, hello, have a look at yourselves first!
And so is McClaren back to being the favourite for the job? But, yep you guessed it, today the papers are reporting of an affair that he had during a trial separation period with his wife. Boring. Does it matter and do we care? Grow up media and let's talk about football for a change.

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Paul Windo said...

Hey Pete - excellent ranting! Have to say that I'm with you on this one. Perhaps we could have a new campaign complete with wristbands - 'Make Tabloids History'?!
Unfortunately though, the reason why these papers are read is because of their blanket football coverage. If everyone stopped buying the papers, they might get the message but I'm not sure if you could convince any more people to give up tabloid newspapers than you could convince people to stop drinking...

Still, imagine a world where the press and media didn't automatically tear down and of society's heros and leaders...