Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Moshing Jesus

So did you watch the Manchester Passion last night? What did you think?
As you may already know, for me the lyrics and meanings of songs are just as important as a decent tune, so obviously I loved what they did with each song last night. And also on a practical level I thought it was quite an acheivement.
One comment which stuck in my mind after the programme was from an interview with a self titled punk. He was asked how he could be both a punk and a Christian and he commented that if Jesus was around today he'd be right in the middle of the moshpit with the wierdos and the freaks. Now that is an image which really resonates with me and puts a smile on my face but is it a realistic one?
All this reminds me of a situation last term where me and a friend were faced with a choice which I'm sure isn't uncommon for most teenagers who put Jesus as their rolemodel. It was a choice between a Bible study or a night out in a Cambridge club with friends. For my friend the Bible study was what they should do, but not what they wanted to do.

And so I posed the now infamous question, 'What would Jesus Do?' Now your answer to that question completely depends on the image of Jesus that you have. Cos I'm sure for the punk last night the obvious thing Jesus would do would be to go out clubbing with his mates.
But is it feasible to suggest that Jesus would sometimes have chosen the night out, or have I gone completely mad? A theologian might be able to write me a 1000 word essay on the question but what do you think?
Can I even go as far as saying that it was similar 'reckless' decision making, (like healing on a Sabbath day) which actually got Jesus in trouble with the religious authorities?


Petros mole said...

For the record, we chose the night out in Cambridge.

Joel Gill said...

Really good post, and some interesting questions raised. I watched the thing last night and was really impressed by it. To see the gospel presented as it was to around 6000 people was amazing, and the cheer that went up when the resurrected Christ appeared was really powerful.

To add to one of your last comments/questions raised. I like this quote from the book "The Radical Church"...

"Jesus constantly challenged attitudes that obscured the heart of God, and in the process, he forced legalists to show themselves for what they were...healing on the sabbath day with full knowledge that it would offend the priests (see Mt 12:11-12)...all these provacative actions were undertaken with the full awarenessthat they would provoke angry, inflexible, legalistic reponses from the religious hierarchy"

Good stuff pete :)

Anonymous said...

mate i think your an absolute legend can't wait to meet up soon i'll come down see you in brighton for some quick cricket and world cup action. take care mate

jonno wicks