Sunday, March 12, 2006


Superb day yesterday for the DNA reunion. Great fun to see so many friendly faces again - united in one place again from their varying jobs and homes around the UK. (And as you can see current DNAer and Herne Bayer Katy made a special guest appearance.) Good opportunity to catch up, remember adventures together, encourage and pray for each other. And have a good laugh in our favourite watering hole of 'The Eagle Tavern.'

I certainly returned to Homerton with a big smile on my face.
That was even after SatNav tried to take us home through the centre of London and we got lost for an hour. We only got out after turning SatNav off and deciding to follow the signs to the NORTH. There's a lesson in that, me thinks?
You see, (he says with tongue in cheek) we're all looking for directions in life - you've just got to decide what to listen to.

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