Wednesday, March 01, 2006

And we're off...

Thirst for Life is off and running. Why not read what the BBC have to say about it? And then read the wide range of opinions at the end from the British public. It's quite a debate.
Highlights include, 'I shall be giving up Jesus for Lent', 'Self denial is putting other people first' and 'Gave up alcohol last year and lost weight.'
The latter shows it's always good to be practical about things as well.

So why am I joining in? Good question. The fact it's Lent really has nothing to do with it at all. In fact I've never done anything for Lent before. I also like a pint, and have no problem with that.
It partly is a personal thing - a personal challenge. Surely, I tell myself, I can live without alcohol for 40 days, even though I spend most my evenings in the bar? Surely, I can fully enjoy footy on the big screen without a pint in my hand?
Secondly, I'm partly joining in to unite with a corporate message which I fully agree with - 'Thirsting For Life ... and life to the full.' (I think Jesus added those last 4 words) This isn't criticising alcohol - it's just saying there's so much more that's better than it.
Thirdly, I hope I'm making a counter statement to student culture.
And finally it may save me some money.

There we are - that's my view on the debate. But I fully understand where nearly all the comments on the BBC site are coming from. I also don't like 'badgering religious groups' and I certainly don't want a gold medal if I survive the 40 days.
One thing we can say is that 'Thirst For Life' have already acheived one aim of 'promoting thought and discussion on the use of alcohol.' and it will rumble on.

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