Friday, February 24, 2006

Thirsting for easier simultaneous equations

Remember simultaneous equations from secondary school? Remember that they took quite a while; were a bit laborious and were easy to make a mistake in? Well, this morning we learnt a method for solving them which takes about 30 seconds - in just 2 simple steps.
Why do they only teach you this when you get to University??
Anyway, today is the 24th February. The 1st March is a big date on the horizon for me, because that's when I've agreed to not drink any alcohol for 40 whole days. In my head 1st March seems a while away but of course my head has forgotten that February only has 28 days. So it frightens me to say that the 1st is only 5 days away now.
Also someone jokingly pointed out to me that the point of Shrove Tuesday is to endulge in all that you are fasting before Lent starts. Does this also apply to alcohol?
I'll let you come to your own conclusions about that one.

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