Sunday, February 19, 2006

Thirst For Life

Went to an Ents (That's Entertainments to you and me) at Queen's College last night, with a crowd from Homerton. They had 3 Indie bands playing who were of varying average levels.
However, it turned into quite a tough night. It wouldn't be right to go into details but there were a few drunken related incedences and 1 ambulance called. I'm pleased to say we are all safe and well today.
Back in Novemeber I first heard about the Thirst for Life campaign and was adament that I wouldn't join in. 'I don't need to do that' were similar to my exact words. Gradually over the months, as friends such as Sir. Windo have jumped on board, my pride has been ground down and on Thursday I signed up for 40 days completely alcohol free from the 1st March.
After last night I'm even more sure about the importance of this campaign and I'm determined to meet the challenge.

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