Sunday, February 26, 2006

The 'Things To Do During My Time In Cambridge' List

First off we need to bring a close to yesterday's post. What did I want to be when I was younger? A Snooker player of course. And here I am fulfilling that dream...sort of.
And here are a couple of others fulfilling their dreams.
Right back to today and I've just had a couple of expleriences to tick off the 'Things to do during my time in Cambridge' list.
Firstly, I've just had lunch in King's college. Which was very posh. The stain glass windows made for a very strange experience when the sun went behind a cloud. It was like the lights being turned off.
And then I stumbled across a Oxford v. Cambridge table football competition. It included some of the top 10 players in England and they were astoundingly skillful. But I couldn't believe how tense it was. Just watching from a safe distance of 10 mtrs from the table was enough to make my heart tighten up.


Anonymous said...

smmmmmmmile like you mean it...woo-hooo oooo

Aunty C said...

Vert smart, Peter! You look like a hotel waiter!

Anonymous said...

i guessed you do look smart suites you fairy mary

Jon said...

i was going to say you looked like a waiter - a cue may of help you mr pete