Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Reflecting on Rotations

Sorry for the overload of sport recently but astonishingly for University life, days seem to be passing by without note. It's what they call the middle of term.
Well, actually now I think about it church did some cool stuff on Sunday morning which I haven't told you about. We went out into the poorest area of Cambridge and got our hands dirty. I joined in some litter picking and others cleaned up gardens. Really enjoyed it and I'm sure the whole efforts helped put a smile on some faces.
And then yesterday I went to a Supervision on reflections and rotations...
... er, ok, back to the sport.
Today's the return of the Champions League. wahoo. but I'd rather tell you abut a snooker story that you amy have missed. Did you know that Quinten Hann has been banned for 8 years from the game for match fixing??!!
No .... Well you do now.

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