Thursday, February 09, 2006

He Moves in Mysterious Ways

Hmm, it's what they call a poor run of form at the moment for the team know as Liverpool.

But hey, thankfully there's more to life than football. This week is the CICCU (Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union) Mission Week. Everyday there's a talk on in town and last night Homerton held a pudding party!! Last night I was left bewildered by how these events pan out - let me explain.
For a start, surely only in Cambridge are people attracted to an event which is simply a half hour talk about God! (oh, and the promise of free food)
Next, a pudding party isn't really my cup of tea. But when chatting to friends at dinner they said it sounded like fun. Even the words 'Short drama and talk' didn't put people off. And the place was full to the brim.
And then when you invite people it's not always the people you expect to come along, who do.
Finally, when I was listening to the talk last night I'm thinking, 'This is far too long!' And yet when I apologised to my friends for the length they turned round and said, 'But we were expecting longer.'

I'll give the final word to someone I was chatting to last night. On Monday and Tuesday she was taken to the talks by friends on the promise of free lunch. (Why is food such a common theme?) Yesterday, she went back to the talks by herself!
Evidence really that God never quite does what you expect - as Bono would say, 'He moves in mysterious ways.' To find out more about the week click here.

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