Friday, February 17, 2006

Footy Nostalgia

Is it really 10 years since Euro 96? Yes, 10 years. It's one of my earliest most vivid football memories. (Well, apart from the 96 Cup Final where Cantona's volley left a little boy in tears.)
Last night I endulged myself in England 4 Holland 1. It left me pondering where all the players are now. Some such as Shearer, Sherringham, FOWLER, Neville and Southgate are still playing. Others are in management or attempting to be pundits, like Pearce, Adams and Redknapp. Others have hit the lower divisions before deciding they should give up, like Barmby and Ince. Gazza's a story in himself. McManaman? And Seaman did a stint on They Think It's All Over!
What a difference 10 years can make!
Euro 96 was a time where the whole country went absolutely massively football bonkers. In the following years the Premiership undoubtedly boomed because of it. And does anyone else reckon that the large quantity of World Class English players now is partly due to Euro 96?
Wow, the world cup's only 4 months away!!! Bring it on! Come on England!

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Aunty C said...

Hi Pete,

Yes - what a difference 10 years can make! Ten years ago you were the same age as your cousin Paul is now! I wonder where he will be when he is 20?