Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Milestones at the end of February

Would you believe we've just finished our last lecture in number theory for the whole year. This is just Cambridge craziness gone extreme, but I'm not complaining. We will next be picking up the story of numbers in October. Will I be able to contain my excitement til then?

It will also be my last alcoholic drink tonight til Easter. If you're joining in but haven't signed up at thirstforlife.org yet, do it now. And after doing that, don't do any more work and go and make yourself a pancake ... with extra sugar on it. You deserve it.

Monday, February 27, 2006

God's given you a second chance, Jonny

That's a very moving line from the fantastic 'Walk the Line' which I went to see last night. You probably all know already that it is highly recommended and well worth seeing on the big screen.
And I'm also afraid to say lads, that it left me with a few water droplets in the base of my eyes.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The 'Things To Do During My Time In Cambridge' List

First off we need to bring a close to yesterday's post. What did I want to be when I was younger? A Snooker player of course. And here I am fulfilling that dream...sort of.
And here are a couple of others fulfilling their dreams.
Right back to today and I've just had a couple of expleriences to tick off the 'Things to do during my time in Cambridge' list.
Firstly, I've just had lunch in King's college. Which was very posh. The stain glass windows made for a very strange experience when the sun went behind a cloud. It was like the lights being turned off.
And then I stumbled across a Oxford v. Cambridge table football competition. It included some of the top 10 players in England and they were astoundingly skillful. But I couldn't believe how tense it was. Just watching from a safe distance of 10 mtrs from the table was enough to make my heart tighten up.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

It's a Beautiful Day - Don't Let It Get Away

It certainly is Bono.

Bopped the night away yesterday into the early hours.
I'm afraid to say there was a fancy dress theme along the lines of, 'When I was younger I wanted to be....'

I'll leave you guessing what I went as. Pics are promised.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Thirsting for easier simultaneous equations

Remember simultaneous equations from secondary school? Remember that they took quite a while; were a bit laborious and were easy to make a mistake in? Well, this morning we learnt a method for solving them which takes about 30 seconds - in just 2 simple steps.
Why do they only teach you this when you get to University??
Anyway, today is the 24th February. The 1st March is a big date on the horizon for me, because that's when I've agreed to not drink any alcohol for 40 whole days. In my head 1st March seems a while away but of course my head has forgotten that February only has 28 days. So it frightens me to say that the 1st is only 5 days away now.
Also someone jokingly pointed out to me that the point of Shrove Tuesday is to endulge in all that you are fasting before Lent starts. Does this also apply to alcohol?
I'll let you come to your own conclusions about that one.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Reflecting on Rotations

Sorry for the overload of sport recently but astonishingly for University life, days seem to be passing by without note. It's what they call the middle of term.
Well, actually now I think about it church did some cool stuff on Sunday morning which I haven't told you about. We went out into the poorest area of Cambridge and got our hands dirty. I joined in some litter picking and others cleaned up gardens. Really enjoyed it and I'm sure the whole efforts helped put a smile on some faces.
And then yesterday I went to a Supervision on reflections and rotations...
... er, ok, back to the sport.
Today's the return of the Champions League. wahoo. but I'd rather tell you abut a snooker story that you amy have missed. Did you know that Quinten Hann has been banned for 8 years from the game for match fixing??!!
No .... Well you do now.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Thirst For Life

Went to an Ents (That's Entertainments to you and me) at Queen's College last night, with a crowd from Homerton. They had 3 Indie bands playing who were of varying average levels.
However, it turned into quite a tough night. It wouldn't be right to go into details but there were a few drunken related incedences and 1 ambulance called. I'm pleased to say we are all safe and well today.
Back in Novemeber I first heard about the Thirst for Life campaign and was adament that I wouldn't join in. 'I don't need to do that' were similar to my exact words. Gradually over the months, as friends such as Sir. Windo have jumped on board, my pride has been ground down and on Thursday I signed up for 40 days completely alcohol free from the 1st March.
After last night I'm even more sure about the importance of this campaign and I'm determined to meet the challenge.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Footy Nostalgia

Is it really 10 years since Euro 96? Yes, 10 years. It's one of my earliest most vivid football memories. (Well, apart from the 96 Cup Final where Cantona's volley left a little boy in tears.)
Last night I endulged myself in England 4 Holland 1. It left me pondering where all the players are now. Some such as Shearer, Sherringham, FOWLER, Neville and Southgate are still playing. Others are in management or attempting to be pundits, like Pearce, Adams and Redknapp. Others have hit the lower divisions before deciding they should give up, like Barmby and Ince. Gazza's a story in himself. McManaman? And Seaman did a stint on They Think It's All Over!
What a difference 10 years can make!
Euro 96 was a time where the whole country went absolutely massively football bonkers. In the following years the Premiership undoubtedly boomed because of it. And does anyone else reckon that the large quantity of World Class English players now is partly due to Euro 96?
Wow, the world cup's only 4 months away!!! Bring it on! Come on England!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

He Moves in Mysterious Ways

Hmm, it's what they call a poor run of form at the moment for the team know as Liverpool.

But hey, thankfully there's more to life than football. This week is the CICCU (Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union) Mission Week. Everyday there's a talk on in town and last night Homerton held a pudding party!! Last night I was left bewildered by how these events pan out - let me explain.
For a start, surely only in Cambridge are people attracted to an event which is simply a half hour talk about God! (oh, and the promise of free food)
Next, a pudding party isn't really my cup of tea. But when chatting to friends at dinner they said it sounded like fun. Even the words 'Short drama and talk' didn't put people off. And the place was full to the brim.
And then when you invite people it's not always the people you expect to come along, who do.
Finally, when I was listening to the talk last night I'm thinking, 'This is far too long!' And yet when I apologised to my friends for the length they turned round and said, 'But we were expecting longer.'

I'll give the final word to someone I was chatting to last night. On Monday and Tuesday she was taken to the talks by friends on the promise of free lunch. (Why is food such a common theme?) Yesterday, she went back to the talks by herself!
Evidence really that God never quite does what you expect - as Bono would say, 'He moves in mysterious ways.' To find out more about the week click here.