Monday, January 23, 2006

The students start to the year

I'm not mentioning the football today. One was not amused. So here's a pic from Saturday's meal out instead. You can also see the waitor who obviously didn't like me.

Other than the footy, yesterday was quite a day - I guess you could say God was up to something. In the afternoon I found myself back in the prayer room. Oh by the way, I expect some of you have been to some prayer rooms in some strange places. A University bedroom is my wierdest yet. Anyway, I found myself reading back through my DNA journal and there was so much that I'd forgotten about. So many experiences, challenges and things that I'd learnt. They're so easy to forget and I'd really recommend all 2005 DNAers to read back through their journal. Right now. Do it! Grrr.
And then I went to City Life Church in the evening. 2 and a half hours just flew by! We were looking back at 2005 and dreaming dreams for 2006. It was an excellent reminder that there is so much exciting stuff happening outside of my little bubble. You just have to jump on board, join in and play your small but significant part! Come on. Grrr.
So I suppose it was a day of reminding myself of the bigger picture - of looking back and looking forward. Sounds like it should have been January 1st really! Oh well, students are always a little late.

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