Friday, January 20, 2006

Bring on the weekend

Hello. Here you are again browsing the blogs. So what do I need to tell you? Not much - or not much I want to tell you about anyway. Oh dear, you could read anything into that!
Anyway, it's a chilled out day today - need to go and get some milk and then I might go and browse some DVD's. Do you recommend any?
Then there's a fair bit happening at the weekend. Homerton college are praying non-stop this weekend with a 24-2! So don't forget to check us out on the website. I'm signed up for midnight on Sat and really looking forward to it.
We've also got the big one on Sunday. Man Utd v. Liverpool. As Gary Lineker suggests we should take Chelsea out of the league and then this would be HUGE.
Til next time.
Keep smiling like you mean it.

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