Sunday, December 31, 2006

My Top 10 HIGHLIGHTS Of 2006

Happy New Year Everyone. Here's my top 10 highlights of 2006 in blogging storyboard format. Good times, good places and most importantly good people. Enjoy.

- The Results of the Great Moleman Challenge 2006
- 2006 - The Last Final in Cardiff
- Fun Money Saving Student Tips
- Welcome to Camp Homerton
- Winning Ugly - That'll Do
-Summer Blast 2006
-Mo..Mo..Mo..Momentum 2006
- Barcelona - Pitchside at the Nou Camp
- Warning : Pink Soup
- 32-An Epic Day Of Pool

Thankyou 2006 and wishing you all an awesome 2007...

Saturday, December 30, 2006

My Top 10 Blogging Thoughts of 2006

It's time to bring 2006 to a close and in keeping with all the best TV shows it's time to look back at Walk On's highlights of the year. As I was trawling through the months of writings I realised that my favourite posts fitted into 2 categories. The 1st are the more thoughtful posts where some topic or idea has gripped me, and then I've simply jotted down my observations and posed a few questions. The 2nd - the real HIGHLIGHTS of the year - are the events and people.

I'll start today with the thoughtful posts and finish tomorrow - to celebrate New Year's Eve - with Pete's blogging story board of 2006.
So for now grab yourself a hot chocolate with cream and marshmellows, put your thinking cap on and open your mind (he says with tongue in cheek and a mischievous smirk) to Pete's top 10 thoughts of 2006. Just click on the links below and enjoy.

The Moshing Jesus
Why Walk On?
Please excuse me while I have a little rant
Take a glorious bite out of the whole world
It's here!! A footballing feast is here
So I start talking about God and always end up with footy!
Impossible is nothing
The Birth of Santa

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Two Local Madmen on a Mission

Early on Boxing Day morning some adventurous family friends started the Plymouth-Banjul challenge. The target is to drive to Banjul in West Africa in an old banger which cost less than £200. The reason for this mad trip (which isn't out of character for the pair) is to raise £100,000 for the development of a local derelict farm into supported living facilities for disabled young adults.

If you'd like to find out more go to

Monday, December 25, 2006

Xmas Day 06

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The 2006 AW Spoons Championship

Have you ever played the wonderful game that is Spoons? It wouldn't be xmas at home without the annual Spoons Championship with our next door neighbours. It's competitive, violent and guaranteed to bend spoons, tear tablecloths and draw blood. This year saw chairs flying across the room for the first time. Nearly every year I lose out in the final to Alex, a Spoons Grand Master, but this year (in what must be the 9th Championship) it was to be a very different story.
In a dramatic turn of events Alex lost a split seconds cutting edge for just a few minutes and crashed out in 4th place. Leaving me to beat my Dad in the final and claim the title that I've longed to win for so many years. The years of hurt are over. I am the 2006 AW Spoons Champion!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Birth of Santa

The front window of the Mambo shop in Brighton contains the poster, 'Happy Birthday Santa', and it doesn't require a sociologist, or even a vicar, to tell us that our 21st century commercialised Christmas is pretty confused. But the question I want to pose is: does Jesus mind being marginalised?

Born amongst farmyard poo, Jesus chose to live a marginalised life. He hung out with the working classes and spent time with society's outcasts including prostitutes and those quarantined by disease. Then he died a murderers death.

And from this marginalised position, Jesus started the biggest, most successful revolution of all time.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Picking and Mixing

Yesterday I worked the pic'n'mix stand at the cinema. Yep, I was selling excessive amounts of sugar to already hyper kids, at massively inflated prices.

Picture the scene : Kid bounds over with their bag of sweets and we put them on the scales.
I go, 'That's £8 please.'
'Oh, I've only got £2.'

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Do you have Happy Feet yet?

So I started work at the cinema last night. My main job was taking tickets and telling people which screen to go to. And also cleaning up when a showing has finished. So next time you see a film, don't leave your popcorn over the floor. please. Best bit was doing the screen check, where I got to watch the film whilst making sure the temperature in the room was ok, which it was.

But does the job give me Happy Feet? I'm not sure. I was very tired at the end of the shift but maybe as I get used to the job I might be able to relax and enjoy it more. And it is a while since I last did a proper hard days work. Working the Concessions stand is probably going to be the toughtest bit.
Hmm, we will have to wait and see whether the job's going to be as fun as I originally thought it could be??

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We are all celebrities

We are all celbrities. But, nope this isn't a post bigging us up and saying we're all special etc. This is merely an observation about so called 'social networking' websites such as 'Facebook,' or 'MySpace'.

Gone are the days when I'd wake up to see how a movie or pop star has recently embarassed themselves. Now I wake up to see the pictures of how my friends have recently embarassed themselves.

It's also no longer possible to have different identities in different places. For example, if I take my homes to be Steyning, Herne Bay and Cambridge, everyone has access to the same photos on the web. I'm not saying your identity on your web is definitive but pics do speak loudly. And that's before we think about videos on YouTube.

But if there's a serious point to be made here it's that there's never been a time where living differently would stand out so much - there's such a need to live with honesty and integrity. It's definitely no longer possible to pretend to be super-spiritual on a Sunday morning and act differently the rest of the week.

I'm not saying we should go and hide in a box for fear of having our photo taken. The key words I used were 'honesty' and 'integrity'.

Right now I'm off to delete some photos.

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Gospel According to Bono. Love it!

New U2 song: Sing it loud!

'The shackles are undone
The bullet's quit the gun
The heat that's in the sun
Will keep us when its done
The rule has been disproved
The stone it has been moved
The grain is now a groove
All debts are removed

Oh can't you see what love has done!'

Sunday, December 10, 2006

January 1999

It's an event worth shouting about. As the MOTD commentator said, 'It's Jamie Carragher's first goal since the last Millennium.' But what's even cooler for me is that Jamie's last goal, back in January 1999, was the first time that I went to Anfield. In that game Liverpool beat Southampton 7-1 and also contained Fowler's 100th Premiership goal, and now I know that it contained Jamie's only goal for 8 years. What a day it was ... and I was there!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Why do we Teach Maths?

That's the theme of a 4000 word essay that I'm working at the moment. Here are some summary thoughts on what I'm reading and writing about.

It seems that there are lots of reasons why a knowledge of Mathematics is useful, but there are other schools of thoughts which say that these reasons are now outdated in the 21st century. For example, Maths was needed to create IT but to use IT no longer needs a knowledge of Maths.
There are even less convincing arguments that Maths should be compulsory up until GCSE. One argument for Maths is that it has an enjoyable beauty, but this then places it on a level with Music, which is optional at GCSE.
I think I actually think that it would be a good thing, for the good of the subject, for it to be made optional at GCSE. I think.

But hey, let's see whether I can argue that in my essay. Also what do you think? Any useful comments might get quoted in my essay!! ooh.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I've been doing some reading recently for a Psychology essay based around the concept of self.

And I thought I'd share with you 2 quotes that I picked out:

'The feeling that one is important to a significant other is essential to the feeling of self-worth.'

'High self-esteem people seek growth, development and improvement by pushing themselves to the limits, in order to discover and exercise their capabilities. It is only in this way that an individual comes most fully alive.'

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Homerton bar was packed with 10 or so pool fans last night for a massive pool team victory. 7-2!

Going into the xmas holidays division 2A now looks like this:

Team P W L F A Pts
Christ's 4 4 0 24 12 36
Homerton 3 3 0 18 9 27
Corpus 3 2 1 17 10 23
Robinson 3 2 1 15 12 21
St John's 4 1 3 14 22 17
Fitz 3 1 2 13 14 16
King's 3 1 2 11 16 14
Trinity 4 0 4 11 25 11
Trinity 1 0 1 3 6 3

So it's a all to play for after xmas. Top pundits are already claiming it's a 2-horse race but are sitting on the fence as to who's favourite.

I'm also looking forward to making my debut for Cambridge Pool team tonight. In the last week or so I seem to have found myself submerged in a world dominated by pool and I love it.

Monday, November 27, 2006

A post for close friends and those who want to get to know me better.

So why have I felt bored of the blog recently? I think it’s lost a bit of depth and purpose. I’ve simply been referring to stuff that’s been going on, just scratching the surface. Today I could tell you about recent hassles with the buses or playing football with a tennis ball or too much xmas stuff in November. But today I feel like I want to go a bit deeper. All that surface scratching stuff doesn't really give a fair representation of my self.

So if you want to join me, I’m going to try and push myself to be a bit vulnerable, and be a bit honest for a change.

For a few months now I’ve felt distracted. God’s not been top of my list of priorities and I’ve just been going through the motions. Part of that may have come from the responsibility of leadership, possibly focussing more on simply sorting out events for the diary. But leaving the excuses behind, I’ve also made a couple of more obvious mistakes, which have played on my mind.

Yet on Saturday night at the Fusion Weekend in Oxford, I received some prayer. They were spot on words of encouragement and hope which I needed to hear. And for the next half hour or so God was the only thing on my mind. Nothing could distract me. I jumped about without worrying what others thought. I was totally thankful. Thankful for a fresh start; thankful for future hope; thankful that I’m free to make mistakes; thankful that I don’t have to do it alone; thankful that there is no pressure to perform; thankful that God is big enough to deal with everything that worries me.

If only that feeling could last longer than half an hour. But Monday comes and I’m back in Cambridge, back to the challenges of everyday life. Cambridge can at times be a tough place of extreme expectations, tiredness and over-thinking. And no matter how hard I try, I will continue to stuff up and make mistakes. But that is the beauty of my God. He’s dealt with it all already! He has no disillusions about me.

Someone randomly wound their car window down the other day and asked me, ‘Why are you happy?’ (Random eh!) I laughed it off and didn’t give an answer. I didn’t really want to share what had subconsciously given me a cheeky grin as I walked down the road. But deep down, if I’m honest, the true reason was that (no matter what was actually in my head at that moment!) it comes from regularly accepting the fresh starts that are infinitely offered to me.

Normal sarchastic grumbling resumes tomorrow.

Monday, November 20, 2006

32 - An Epic Day of Pool

Yesterday I played 32 competitive games of pool. I was playing in the Cambridge University Pool Tournament and remarkably managed to reach the final. I should have lost in the first round but my opponent fluffed it up and I was thankful for another opportunity. Then I really played some of my best ever pool to knock out 2 members of the Cambridge Uni 1st Team winning 5-2 and 6-1. In the final I played the captain of the Uni 1st Team and lost 7-0! oops. But a really good day for me. I won some money but most importantly I now might be considered to play in the Cambridge team. Exciting.

Homerton pool team also played last night at Fitzwilliam College and it was a match of high drama. We were 4-1 down but sensationally against-all-odds turned it round to win 5-4. The decisive frame went to the black and was won by Mark with a terrific long shot along the cushion. Cue wild celebrations!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nemo's Found AGAIN

It'll amuse those of you from Herne Bay and other gap year friends that once again I'm digging out my little Nemo talk. I went over the clip and song again this morning and was amazed by how much the little talk means to me - like, I actually had water droplets in the base of my eye. I'm using it in cell tonight and have butterflies swirming round that it will be effective. Prayers for this would be 'Totally awesome duuuuuuude.'

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I can't know the Truth but I can know the Truth

So a few comments on this statement that I've been thinking about recently:

I can't know the Truth: My brain can't understand everything! And it will never be able to understand everything and was never designed to! I don't know correct answers. I can only offer my unique perspectives on the world built from my unique experiences.

But I can know the Truth: But I can get to know and build a friendship with the boss and creator of the universe, who is Truth.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Please excuse me while I just ponder a few thoughts

Last night I lead through a discussion on the hugely important question on, 'Did Jesus rise from the dead?' Now practically it all went well, but yet I have no idea really how it actually went. What I mean is, how do I know whether people enjoyed themselves? How do I know whether people's views were challenged? How do I know whether people didn't just go away thinking Pete's a bit ... whatever?
Does anyone else feel like this when they lead things? I've never really done much of this before and think what I'm learning is it's so much easier to be on the other side of the fence and criticise and think about how you could do things so much better. Like being a bit funnier or cooler etc. Yet when I've come to actually leading things I haven't been able to be funny or cool etc. cos I'm too worried about getting the main points across. Maybe it's just something that comes with experience, and when I relax into it more? Or maybe it really doesn't matter?
Anyone got any advice out there?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Are you a fan of facts?

Did you know?

That EVERY whole number can be expressed as the sum of 4 square numbers.

We nearly proved it today but our lecturer said it would take too long. So you'll just have to take my word for it.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fantastic Feeling

I had so much fun at 'The Feeling' last night. The best bit was quite simply singing along at the top of my voice but other unexpected highlights included a surprise rendition of 'Video killed the radio star' and a catchy song off their next album.
I'm pleased to report that 'The Feeling' have a good live performance and got the crowd involved well. The scissor kicking of the drum cymbals was fun as well!

I wouldn't be doing my journalistic blog job properly though if I didn't warn you about the support act called Luke Toms. He was this guy pictured below with the top hat and had a stupid moustache. Now, I do not have a musical ear, but even I could tell that he could not sing! It was painful. However when he wasn't singing, the songs and band were actually quite good. So if they ever make it big after his singing's been altered by a computer it'd be a travisty ... but a realistic possibility of a travisty.

Anyways a good fun 8 out of 10 for 'The Feeling.' We now await eagerly the all important second album.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Recently I went to a formal dinner and experienced one of the weirdest things ever. To fit into the not very apparent Polish theme we had cold beetroot soup. And yep, it was bright pink!

Unsurprisingly there was a protest against the soup with about half the room not even dipping their spoon in it.

Here I am with all my Uni friends.

Oh, there they are.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Deeper Look at Sam's Town

As you know I love finding out about the inspirations behind my favourite albums just as much as I love the albums. So I've just been reading about the influences spurring on 'The Killers' in an article on the Guradian's website. Why not give it a read - quite interesting - although I've got to be honest and admit to not having read every word!!

Highlights for me included the leadsinger, Brandon Flowers, describing the new album as a 'spiritual autobiography'. It expresses Brandon's Mormon faith which'comes through in his lyrics sometimes, but not in an overt or preachy way'.

For example, I don't know about you, but I've always been intrigued by the line 'He doesn't look a thing like Jesus' and come up with my own interpretations as to what it means whenever I sing along. And most importantly I guess, the following is a little extract giving Brandon's reason behind the line:

But Flowers is quick to attest to his faith: "I can't ever escape my Mormon roots. Even on the first album, Hot Fuss, it informed songs like All These Things That I've Done. On the single When You Were Young, there's a line I sing, 'He doesn't look a thing like Jesus.' That's about growing up in a religion where Jesus is considered a saviour and also realising people can be saviours, too, whether they're your wife, your best friend or your next-door neighbour. He can come in other human forms.'

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Need a Conversation Topic Tonight?

Shock, horror, I've actually been doing some Maths recently.

So here's one for you to discuss with the family over dinner tonight.
This is taken from Number Theory Example Sheet 4.

Given that 2 is a primitive root of 5, find a primitive root b of 25 (b is of the form 2+5x). Is this same b a primitive root of 125?

Nope, I've not done it yet either...

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Influence of Television

Just been to a lecture on the impact of violence shown on television. It obviously has some influence but the clever ones couldn't decide how much.

Do you remember watching educational videos at school that were always atleast 10 years old? and you spent most of the time laughing at the poor graphics, cheesy themetune and in particular the fashion sense - especially the glasses that people wore.
Well, today in a university lecture hall, we watched a Panorama documetary from 1994. This contained the dangers of 'Power Rangers', the threat to society of pirate video cassettes and some researchers in distatefully coloured shirts and overly sized glasses.

I think those glasses affected me more than any violence shown!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

DELIRIOUS LIVE - Always something special

So my incomprehensible week came to a fitting end last night with a remarkable gig by the one and only Delirious. It was a gig packed with so many special moments. Some moments got me jumping for joy, others brought water droplets to the base of my eyes. They played nearly the whole new album mixed in with some old ones and I'm pleased to report the new songs worked so well live, despite their tender nature on the album. And it was so much more than an awesome practical performance; there was no holding back when it came to the singing of, 'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus' within the concert hall context, where 'The Kooks' had played only the night before.
My one regret is I forgot my camera so I've found these pics on the web:
Nice white suits.
Comedy moment of early nineties classics played on £15 keyboards.
New videos for most songs were impressive - added something new to the ultimate 'History Maker.'

And a certain Daniel Bedingfield made a guest appearance to sing one verse and chorus!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bands, Albums, Gigs etc.

It's taken a few days but I've finally got into the new Killers album. I do like it but other than 'When we were young' none of the lyrics have got wedged in my head yet. I'm sure with more time that'll change.

I don't know if I've mentioned before my favourite album of 2006 other than Snow Patrol. That's 'The Feeling' - now there's a feel good sing-a-long album for you that never gets boring!

Oh, and I'm so loooking forward to going to see Delirious on Saturday - an awesome live band!

Monday, October 09, 2006

For the first time in a while I've included some links in this post

A lot of my time at the moment seems to involve my new role as a leader of a Fusion cell in Homerton. Tonight we've got a massive trip to Pizza Hut which should be a really good opportunity to get to know people.

Personally I don't really know what I'm feeling about cell leading this year. I'm just not sure what to expect so maybe I've switched off my feelings about it???
But last night we started a week of praying round Homerton at midnight. Possibly for the first time (maybe since Momentum?) the anticipation and excitement for what this year could involve kicked in....

For a further expansion on this check out the blog of Joel, who's raw 'no holds barred' attitude never fails to inspire.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Back to lectures today. Fascinating Education one on how humans view themselves. There was loads about what influenced self-esteem. I guess it was fascinating cos everyone can realte to it.
And then I went and played football, which I want to have a proper go at this year. But in semi-heavy rain it was hard work and to be honest I wasn't very good.
But I won't let it affect my self-esteem!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


All the Homerton Freshers arrive today and it's time once again to meet loads of new people! ahhh! Tonight the bar will be packed with complete strangers who need to get to know each other. What an opporunity for people watching!!!
Some will be overthetop friendly.
Some will be drinking loads to look good.
Some will be looking at the floor nervously.
Some will be really flirty.
Some will be striding round like they own the place.
Some will chat to the same group all night, others will drift round.
Some will welcome people in, others will dominate and shut people out.
Some will be in their room!

It's all about first impressions but will anyone actually be themselves?!!!

But the real tricky bit comes when you get to the 4th question.
If the conversation gets past: 'What's your name?' 'Where you from?' 'What subject do you do?' then you're doing well!

Saturday, September 30, 2006


I've never really got into MySpace because there's this really similar thing that we use at uni called Facebook. Previously it had been exclusive to Uni students but now it's open to everyone.
I don't want to plug it loads cos it's nothing special but I do seem to find myself on it every day. So if you want you could get yourself a profile and add me as your friend. aah, cute.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The Face Of Love

I've been listening to this new album a lot recently. It's called 'The Face of Love' by a band called 'Sanctus Real'. It's always a delight to find an album of rare quality within the Chrstn music scene and this one refreshingly fits the bill.

I like the album cover as well which adds to some thoughts from the lyrics of the title track.

'I’ve seen your face on stained glass, in colored lights
In pictures of you looking to the sky
You’ve been portrayed a thousand different ways
But my heart can see you better than my eyes
‘Cause it’s love that points the portrait of your life'

But my overall favourite line from the album is:
'I'm as eloquent as an elephant.'

It cracks me up every time!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Postcard from Cambridge

Hi friends. I'm settling into my new rented house in Cambridge. Bought lots of things like cabinets and loo seats! But freeview tv don't work and can't get online yet. So sitting here in scummy little internet cafe. Joy.
But loving deciding what I'm going to eat each night!
Looking forward to me bro's 18th and sam's wedding. See you soon Herne Bay crew!!!
Hope to get some pics of house soon but for now here's some more from Barcelona.
See you friends

...nope pics aren't working and I can't be bothered. So there!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Barcelona - Pitchside at the Nou Camp

Pitchside at the Nou Camp! Like a kid in a candy shop. Quite special and certainly the highlight of the holiday. Best bit was simply imagining myself just strolling a few strides forward and curling a right footed shot into the top left hand corner of the goal, sending 100,000 fans wild.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Crazy Momentum Joy

I set out a couple of dreams/goals before Momentum and they were well and truly met! Firstly, the DNA stand didn't feel like the defining point of the week - I was delighted that I was able to find loads of time to spend with friends, chat, banter, rock and cheesy disco dance.
And secondly, the immense freedom in worship meant I did feel 16 again. 4100 of us just went crazy, like I mean CRAZY - jumping around and shouting out with few inhibitions. What an atmosphere of joy! A joy which I want so much to take away from Somerset and hang onto when I'm stuck on a maths equation or got my hands in a washing up bowl (!!) in the coming months.

And yet it's always the hardest and most challenging aspect of a week like Momentum which becomes the stand out point from it. It was that of sacrifice and putting others before yourself, which is such an alien concept in our consumerist culture. One night a 78 year old (and really with it 78 yr old, so much so that he looked 55!) called Brother Andrew came to talk to us and he's been to some pretty tough war-torn places in his time, and is still going to places where you would least want to go. And he just goes - he doesn't wait for an invite. Remarkable.
And d'you know what, for the first time I began to realise what it means to say (or sing!) you'll do anything or go anywhere that God wants. And d'you know what, we were asked whether we were up for it and when it came to the crunch I couldn't say yes. It's such a big deal, like ANYTHING! And I couldn't do it. The fear or rationalising or self doubt or whatever you want to call it, held me back.
But I don't beat myself up about that. It made me so aware of my limitations and frailties. And that is exactly where God wants to meet us. He has no illusions of us and never has had. And that is the beauty of Grace. And that is why we jump around full of joy.