Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Mission Bell - Fragile, Handle With Care

I've finally had the chance to savour the latest album from one of my fave bands, Delirious?. And I have to say I was quite concerned after a couple of listens that 'The Mission Bell' really was a non-event. Nothing stood out. I'd also heard many others offer rather negative views.

But I didn't give up on it, and a couple of weeks on I think I've discovered a thing of beauty. The album really needs time and space before it begins to shine. It's gentle and tender. I would label it - 'Fragile, Handle With Care.' The album does not make great background music because it just vanishes. But when given your full attention, preferably through headphones, it gradually stands up tall holding it's head held high.

I do still reckon the album lacks a couple of big guns, and it is not their best. But my advice would be to give it time to mature and I reckon you'll reap the rewards.

Lyrics always play a big part in any album for me, and The Mission Bell has many real and honest moments. Here's an example from what's probably my favourite track, 'All This Time'.
I’m a father and a son; I’ve been a lover with just one,
But this world can get me all undone,And I’m frightened I’m the only one.
I wrestle with the thoughts I keep,
If I sow the seed of arrogance then it’s loneliness I’ll reap,
Please don’t leave me stranded here,
With a head of lies and a heart of fear.
My life’s a show on Gods TV,
The world an audience, watching me.

So wake me, shake me, keep me sharp,
As I touch the power of Gods great harp.
And this world can fill your head with praise,
That steals me from eternal grace.
So how can I serve God and wealth?
I can captivate an army, but I can’t control myself.

Ghostly figure out at sea, I hear a voice that’s calling me,
To walk upon the waves of faith.

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