Friday, December 30, 2005

Farmyard News

Did some work at a derilict farm this morning. I was just adding my pair of hands to several others who have been working for a long time now to turn the old farm into a home for young people with disabilities. Today, it was pouring with rain so we hid inside and helped scrape down the walls. The place is a complete dump but they've finished a couple of rooms already and they look great. By complete coincedence, today the project hit the front page of the County Times. So, cos I forgot to take my new camera, here's the online report as evidence.

Watched Collateral last night, which gets my thumbs up. For the anonomous person who wanted more pressie pics I'm happy to oblige. Any other requests? Hmm, that's dangerous.

Finally, I'm 99.5% sure to be travelling to the Bay for New Years tomorrow - weather permitting of course.

May you have a good new years to welcome in the wonder of 2006.

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fairymary said...

sorry i missed you today Happy New
Year lots love fairy mary