Saturday, December 10, 2005

Aslan is on the move

I went to see the fantastic Narnia movie last night. It's quite simply brilliantly made and there really is something for everyone in there. There's the quaint English fairytale; there's the battlescenes; there's the comedy; there's the computer graphics; there's the scenary; ... and it might get kids reading?
But most of all there's a lot to learn from the film. And I think most of you know that I do like a film where you can draw out some parallels and learn a few things.
Well, Narnia has enough in there to keep church youth groups entertained for months.

Whilst I was listening to Radio 1 last week I heard the following report on Newsbeat. They were reporting from the premiere of the film and said, 'Narnia's not without it's controversy because it does have a religious side. Infact some see Aslan as representing Jesus.'
Before the film was made many were worried that a comercialised Narnia film might gloss over this important central message. Well, it certainly doesn't and for me it came through loud and clear. Aslan sacrifices himself in place of Edmond. Watching this almost moved me as much as when I watched the 'Passion of the Christ'.
Infact, I dare any adult to watch both films and not notice the similarities.

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