Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The World According To Pythagorean Triples

Yep, I've been set the task to find 10 primitive Pythagorean triples. You remember, like 3,4,5 triangles. But 6,8,10 doesn't count cos it's the same as 3,4,5. Why don't you have a go yourself. Here's a couple to get you started 5,12,13 or 65,72,97. Prize of a pat on the back for whoever can find the biggest. It's something to contemplate with your mates down the pub during half time. Don't cheat by searching on google! ....don't!

Past - Went out to a bar last night and did a bit of moving my arms and legs (dancing).
Present - Got some washing in a tumble dryer.
Future -Will watch Liverpool v. Anderlecht tonight. Come on you Reds.


Anonymous said...

Here's two for you Pete and they are in their lowest common ratio: 3001,4503000 and 4503001. Or 55079, 1516848120 and 1516848121.
Guess who!

Anonymous said...

Beat, that. But it wasn't that difficult! It could easily go as big as you want.
i.e 999999, 499999000000 and 499999000001
OR using a different pattern:
220316, 12134784963 and 12134784965.
9999996, 24999980000003 and 24999980000005. BUT WHAT'S THE PATTERN AND HOW IS IT soooo eassy!

The Clack Attack said...

silly cambridge students. it wont get you anywhere in life, you know, other than lots of unneccessary headaches and having no NORMAL friends to go and have a NORMAL pint with.

And no its not that im just jealous of your superior intellects.

Petros mole said...

Ooh, exciting. You've lost me though. I'm afraid you'll have to explain yourself. You'll probably be explaining my next lecture for me.