Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A weekend of adventures

Fun weekend with serious worship and serious prayer. Inspiring stuff which reignited some passions which had been bubbling under the surface for a while.
It was great to travel up to Sheffield for the National Fusion weekend with the others from Cambridge. It was my first experience of answering the question, 'Where are you from?' and having to say, 'I'm from Cambridge.' What goes through people's heads when you say that? I think I really react against being considered posh. A basketballer from Manchester was fascinated by the poshness of many from Cambridge - So much so, that I tried to be cool and show off my basketball skills. I can't play basketball.
A proper adventure, with possibly the coldest night ever whilst sleeping on the floor. The radiators switched off half way through the night! The next night we changed to a church with underfloor heating. Yes!
Serious note to finish - a big theme of the weekend was justice and it reminded me of a recent blog entry (17th Nov) by Paul Windo. He looked at our attitudes to Make Poverty History now that all the hype has died down...and I agree that my personal excitement had been placed on the back burner, and my daily routines haven't really changed much. But the need for change hasn't gone away and I'd like to finish with a quote that was quoted during a talk from the weekend.
During live8 Andrew Marr made the following statement; 'People today want to be part of a moment rather than a movement.' (probably a paraphrase) Let's be excited by long term visions.

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Paul Windo said...

Have to admit that 'Cambridge' always makes me think of a stereotype too. You'll just have to smash that stereotype, 'Common-as-muck' Petros...

Thanks for the blog link - all seems a bit heavy in amongst my tales of footballing successes but it was Andy Flannagan / Bart Campolo at the Youthwork conference that sparked the thoughts and now everywhere I turn the general theme of justice (not just trade justice) seems to be turning up.

Amen, to long term visions...