Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sob sob. Wahoo.

Watched 'The Passion of the Christ' yesterday with a group of R.E students. I always said I'd only ever watch that film once, cos I thought it might loose it's impact. But that was now the third time I'd seen it. And I have to say it's still as hard to watch as it was the first time.
Then yesterday night was Homerton's infamous xmas bop, so I was able to dance the night away. (I'll try and get hold of some pics for you.)
Every day this week some crazy prayer warriors have been getting together at midnight for a prayer walk round Homerton. Yesterday was a record attendance of 9. After the walk I was feeling so refreshed and full of energy that I decided to return to the bop for some more nodding of my head and moving of my arms and legs.
oh, the crazy life of a student, eh?
That decision did make my 9 o'clock lecture this morning quite hard. And in 5 minutes I'm off to my final lecture of the term. Only 3 days til I go home.
sob sob. wahoo.

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