Friday, November 25, 2005

Love Actually

After cell last night where we spent some quality time in prayer, I trotted back to my corridor to find some friends watching Love Actually. Now I'm not a big fan of girly romantic comedies but Love Actually I can cope with. I love the way the film looks at how love is viewed in society from nearly every angle. Whilst sitting there I realised I was wearing my black 'love' t-shirt shown above, which I thought was really appropriate. And when the girl in the film has to give up her relationship to look after her mentally ill brother, a debate started about whether that was a happy or a sad end to that story line. I don't know about happy or sad, but it did give a little chance to talk about sacrificial love.
Someone once asked me why my t-shirt just doesn't have a heart on it. The love the t-shirt talks about is so much more than just a luvvy-duvvy heart.

Which brings us to this morning, and I'm sitting here typing this cos my lecturer is away today so I've got a completely blank day. We've now got a week left and only 4 hours of lectures left. Which is silly, but I'm not complaining. Just got to think of something productive to do today though ... or go back to bed.

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Paul Windo said...

Right on, Pete. That's what engaging is all about. People don't want to be preached at but when they ask the questions, it's just rude not to answer them...