Sunday, November 06, 2005

Expect the Unexpected

I'm learning to expect the unexpected at City Life Church. On a Sunday morning it's been SO different every week. Take this morning for example. For worship we had no words!! unbelievable. yep, we just had a band playing and strumming for about 15-20 minutes. Quite a studenty thing to do I hear you say? Well, then it was time for the talk. And infront of a room full of 95% 20somethings, up stepped a 78 year old man to talk about his passion for the Bible. Absolutely superb and inspiring! And, you just wouldn't have seen it coming.
In other news, I went to an absolutley awesome firsworks display last night. Apparently there were 25000 people there and it was mind blowing. It's also one of the few times the students and the town get together which is nice.
I've also just signed up for what feels like a school trip cos we're going up by coach and will be sleeping on floors. I'm going to Sheffield for the National Fusion weekend. Perhaps you should come too? Let me know if you are.

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