Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Cambridge Experience

Went to a Fusion training day today for leading small groups. It was held in King's college, which is a really, really old, impressive looking college right in the middle of town. Very popular with the tourists. Recently, I've found myself venturing into more and more of the colleges, and I guess that means I'm broadening my Cambridge experience. Popped into Gonville and Keis (not correct spelling) for lunch. That was right next to Kings. As Homerton is out of the centre on it's own, it was a weird experience to leave one college and 2 minutes later enter another one.
But I do like Homerton being away from the centre because
a) there are no tourists
b) greater sense of community within the college

It was a long but good day, which included an hours walking, so I'm very tired now. zzzzzz.

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