Saturday, October 01, 2005


Fun night last night as my home church youth club threw a surprise party for Andy. Andy has been helping with the youth groups for over 20 years and is now stepping down. He was completely surprised!!! Good chance to say thanks as a youth group, but I was also able to personally thank him for the big role he played in my teenage years. Thankyou. As well as receiving the thanks, unfortunately for Andy he also found himself being decorated in flour during a cruel game. My competitive edge also came to the fore last night, as I was runner-up in the 2005 'Spoons' contest. Finally, it was a great to chance to see many friends before heading off for 9 weeks.
So here we are, my last blog entry before starting at Uni. The nerves seem to have all gone now and I think I'm pretty much prepared for going. Who knows what the next 9 weeks (and then the next 3 years) have in store??

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steve said...

looking forward to catching you in sunny cambridge peter mole. also looking forward to stories of 24-7 and jesus walking through your halls! steve