Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Students Nightmare

Aahhh! First experience today of something I expect most students up and down the country go to bed having nightmares about. Today I had an hour long history of education lecture and the guy at the front just talked and talked in one tone of voice as he read from his notes. There we sat desperately scribbling down the odd phrase until we reached a long word which we couldn't spell - and that's if it was clear what was said. And then after 50 minutes the guy said, 'So that's just about a brief introduction.'
So I'm quite pleased now that my Maths class is more like a class and not a lecture - although I'm sure my note taking technique for lectures will improve. But it doesn't help that today I went from 2 hours of head scratching group theory straight into the 'try to stay awake' Education lecture.
On a lighter note i watched Finding Nemo and played Table Tennis last night. Will be watching England tonight.

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