Tuesday, November 01, 2005


This one's for all the DNAers and Herne Bayers out there. I have completed God's Story, in under 13 months. I'm pretty happy with that.

Hmm, what shall I read now just before I go to bed? I'll have to wait for them to bring out the BibleII ........Joke.


muel said...

didn't quite do it in a year though did you now?

ha only joking matey. well done i'm very proud, now read it all again!

love ya

The Clack Attack said...

so what happened at the end? i didnt get past day 30...

Paul Windo said...

Er, when did they ask us to read that?!

Petros mole said...

wow, the back row mentality reunited on the web...oh, and sam. Cheers guys. Loving you all.

oh, just so you know Tim at the end the main character comes back from the dead. You may need a minute to digest that.