Thursday, October 06, 2005

First lectures today

I had the first lectures today and so now the work starts. Well, actually when I say lectures the one's today were more like school lessons cos my maths classes only have 13 people on them (10 of whom are girls btw). The first question of the day that appeared on the board was give 2 numbers which add up to 10. Nice gentle start I thought. But then of course, being Mathematicians we had to find how many possibilities there were, then find a formula and then find a proof. If you would like to do some further reading on this subject look up natural numbers, integers, rationals, and real numbers.
Hey, who said you don't learn anything by reading blogs. You do here.
Formal dinner tonight. Oh, yippee.


Tom Zierold said...

No need for such sarcasm in your last sentence!

Paul Windo said...

10 out of 13 - result! Section 4 must seem a long way off now...