Friday, October 07, 2005

DNA memories

Just had a quick phonecall to Nick, who found out his DNA placement yesterday and travels today. Check out his blog now. After the phonecall I was so excited and had a beaming smile on my face. It also brought back memories from my travel day to Herne Bay - the fear of the unknown, being grateful for being picked up by Jo, discussing favourite bands, being shown a passport photo of Steve (heehee), Beth in the back probably wanted to know what my favourite colour was, then Beth fell asleep. Then we went to Wetherspoons in Herne Bay (ham and eggs), Beth took half an hour to choose dessert, then met Don (Mary was working) and we watched a golfing film. Then I went to bed. Phew. What a day! There were only another 300+ days like that throughout the year!!!!!! Happy days. And that's kinda what Nick's going through right now I spose, hence my beaming smile.

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