Monday, October 10, 2005

Church - made of 98.5% students

Isn't Uni life so friendly!! Yesterday, 10 mins before the England game I didn't really have anyone to watch the match with. And yet 10 mins later I was heading down the pub with about 10 other people. How did Beckham get sent off??? Outrageous, but I've just noticed something even more outrageous - if you look at the picture above, what's Beckham got on round his wrist???

And then this morning I checked out City Life Church in Cambridge for the first time. Cambridge has a rediculously huge number of churches and it's hard to know where to start, but for me personally City Life stood out a mile due to it's DNA, Fusion and 24-7prayer affiliations. And after this morning my hunch that it was the right place for me seems confirmed. Today they were talking about God being our daddy and how he loves us so much as we are, even before we've done anything, which is simply a message which you need to hear over and over again.
I even quite unexpectedly bumped into a couple of people that I'd completely forgotten were in Cambridge. For the Herne Bayers out there, Colin was there and we had a little chat, even reminiscing life in the Bay. Isn't the Chrstn world so small!!
And then they gave all freshers a free lunch - definitely the right place for me then!

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