Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sleeping arrangements

Great night down at the prayer room last night. DNAer Mark came down from Bognor which was really great to meet up again after a whole 10 days apart. Then I had a fantastically pleasant surprise with Nai, Bethan, James, Jonny and Steven arriving at half 11 and staying til half 2. We had a good time of painting, singing, chatting and praying for each other. Then James joined me for the hard core sleep over. We were in the room til 5 though before someone took over, so there wasn't much sleeping over at all!! We nearly had an embarrassing moment this morning when we overslept, but thankfully awoke just before the daily toddler group arrived (who were using the room we were sleeping in)
So I had a 4 hour sleep in the daytime today, and I'm just preparing myself to go again tonight. C'mon!

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