Friday, September 09, 2005

Prayer, prayer and bike rides

Wallpaper lining, masking tape and my hands. Not the best combination. Actually, it was a fairly successful day setting up the prayer room, although I did have to laugh at my practical skills on occasions! We did manage to put up some wire on the ceiling which we will be hanging drapes from, but our attempt to put a gazebo up indoors didn't work cos the ceiling was too low. On the whole though we're nearly ready to go. COME ON!!
I'm well looking forward to Nick and Jon coming down on Monday night, and they are in the priviliged position of being able to get to both the Canterbury prayer room and Upper Beeding's. As the 2 somehow seem linked that is really cool!

Well as you can see the prayer week is really the only thing on my mind at the mo. Oh, Nick, Katy and Rachel deserve a mention for their 80 mile sponsored bike ride today and tomorrow. You go guys! Check out their blogs for all the news.

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