Sunday, September 25, 2005

A fun day and an intersesting day

Isn't it funny how everything seems to fall on the same day?!! Yesterday I managed to fit in a round of golf, 2 hours of snooker and a night in the pub. Great to meet with so many people who I haven't seen for ages and find out what they're all up to. Infact, yesterday was a much needed day of socialising, cos after a week of mostly being by myself I've realised how used to having other people around I have become.
Today was actually quite an interesting and worthwhile time, although I'm sure you'll all have puzzled brows at that statement when I explain what I did. I went with my Mum to her Maths Education MA Course, which seeing as I'm starting Maths with Education next week it seemed appropriate that I'd join her. And we sat through 14 15-20 mins presentations on research in the maths classroom. It was a long day and my brain is frazzled now, but it's certainly given me food for thought. Highlight (as well as my Mum's project!) was a research project into the use of Sudokus in a maths lesson!! heehee.
Also, quite an interesting day of people watching but that's another story!!

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