Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The end of a chapter ...

So there we are. I'm no longer a DNAer. You'll have to call me just 'Pete' from now on.
It's been a great last week, with a residential in Burton til Friday and then a camping weekend in the Peak District til Sunday. What fun!
Highlights of the residential included the posh meal, crazy dancing, DNA top trumps and just being with everyone. I'm going to miss so many people. The end still hasn't really sunk in - maybe i feel more like on a weeks holiday and I'll be going back soon. But really that is it. I'm really going to have to try hard to stay in touch with so many people.
Anyway, back to my travels. And the weekend was so much fun!! 13 of us pitched up our tents in Edale, and we kicked back and relaxed. It was great to spend time the DNAers in a relaxed setting where we didn't actually have to do anything!! The Saturday included a 6 hour 6 mile walk, which I completed with only mild grumblings, and then the highlight had to be the saturday night where we all packed into a 3 man tent for games of Uno and Mafia. Let's just say there was lots of relaxed silliness.
Fantastic way to end a life changing chapter. The chapter is now officially ended, but the story must carry on.

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