Tuesday, September 06, 2005

...but the story carries on

So lets look ahead then.
This week I am getting things ready for a week of 24-7 prayer at Upper Beeding Baptist Church (my home) from 11th-18th September. This was an idea which came to me back in November and got planned in January so it's really exciting that now the week is here. If you could pray for us that would be fantastic.
Some of you would also know that I was involved in trying to set up a prayer week in Herne Bay during April this year. Well, that never really got off the ground but since then the vision has been changed and the progress has just snowballed! I can confirm that there will be a week of prayer in a shop in Canterbury from 10th-17th September.
Having been out of the planning of that for a while now, the nearly identical dates just blow me away!!!!

And after that I have 2 weeks to get myself together and I'm off to Uni on October 2nd.

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