Friday, September 30, 2005

As Murray Walker would say it's 'GO GO GO'

Hey. Just seen the pics from the Herne Bay masses trip to France. Good to see you all again even if it was in internet land. Looks like you all had a splendid time. This is my little 'wishing you well' message to all of you heading off on new adventures at the mo, esp. Nick, Katy and Jon. GO GO GO HERNE BAY LEGENDS!
Went with my Dad yesterday to visit Nanny and Grandad. Those of you who were with me around xmas time, know that that was a difficult time with Grandad seriously ill in hospital. Well, it was absolutely fantastic to see him yesterday looking so chirpy! He's got this super battery powered scooter thing which just looks like great fun. We went for a walk with him and were struggling to keep up!! Fantastic. GO GO GO Grandad!
2 days to go then and my packing levels have just moved into a higher gear. GO GO GO Me!

Monday, September 26, 2005

6 days to go

Less than a week now til I start my next big adventure. It's come round so quickly. So popped into Worthing today for some last minute student essentials, including a frying pan, paracetamol and a bow tie. (they were part of a special student selection pack!! ... no, not really) And I'm heading off with my Dad's 1971 Mathematical formula's book in one hand, my culturally relevant Maths text books in the other (with witty comments and cartoons), and my Coldplay posters lodged between my teeth, ready hit the world of Cambridge. 6 days to go.

p.s. my eBay items finish tonight. I'm so excited.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

A fun day and an intersesting day

Isn't it funny how everything seems to fall on the same day?!! Yesterday I managed to fit in a round of golf, 2 hours of snooker and a night in the pub. Great to meet with so many people who I haven't seen for ages and find out what they're all up to. Infact, yesterday was a much needed day of socialising, cos after a week of mostly being by myself I've realised how used to having other people around I have become.
Today was actually quite an interesting and worthwhile time, although I'm sure you'll all have puzzled brows at that statement when I explain what I did. I went with my Mum to her Maths Education MA Course, which seeing as I'm starting Maths with Education next week it seemed appropriate that I'd join her. And we sat through 14 15-20 mins presentations on research in the maths classroom. It was a long day and my brain is frazzled now, but it's certainly given me food for thought. Highlight (as well as my Mum's project!) was a research project into the use of Sudokus in a maths lesson!! heehee.
Also, quite an interesting day of people watching but that's another story!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Schoolboy Error

Hmm, not actually doing a lot at the moment. Did some reading yesterday about the positives and negatives of exams and other ways of monitoring pupils progress. Then started the DeVinci code. Then settled in for the standard night of football in front of the TV. There was a mixture of Milan, Barcelona and Doncaster to choose from and all was going well until I made the schoolboy error of turning off the TV with 5 minutes left of Doncaster's match. They were 1-0 down and I assumed it was all over.
Well, I woke up this morning to find that in those 5 minutes Doncaster had equalised and that they'd gone on to win on penalties causing a big cup upset. Oh, unpredictable football! That's why we love you.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Quite an epic

Phew, what a week! Quite overwhelming. The overall headline is that since 6am on Monday morning there has been someone praying in the 24/7 prayer room!! and we're still going on our unbroken relay. That's the main headliner grabber, but it's the numerous sub-plots which have hit me the most. Like the lady who'd never prayed for more than 10 minutes before, and found her hour fly by. God has done so much ... and then I think about the stories that we don't even know about!
Personally, the week has felt like a month - quite an epic! I really have been learning to spend time in quiet and stillness, without the need to always be doing something. I'm getting there. It's been a lot of effort and yet a real rest and recooperation period. I really have done nothing apart from sleep in the day, (a bit of TV) and pray at night. As the week has gone on, my focus has been turning more to starting Uni and I'm now in a better frame of mind for going. And practically, things seem to be falling into place with the churches in Cambridge and building a new support network - which isn't a coincedence!!
Core dear, there's so much exciting stuff that I could talk about but i've probably said enough. If you want to know more, why not give me a ring? The one thing you need to know is that it's been an awesome week and God has blown this beyond all my (already quite high) expectations. Oh yeah! Photos to come soon.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sleeping arrangements

Great night down at the prayer room last night. DNAer Mark came down from Bognor which was really great to meet up again after a whole 10 days apart. Then I had a fantastically pleasant surprise with Nai, Bethan, James, Jonny and Steven arriving at half 11 and staying til half 2. We had a good time of painting, singing, chatting and praying for each other. Then James joined me for the hard core sleep over. We were in the room til 5 though before someone took over, so there wasn't much sleeping over at all!! We nearly had an embarrassing moment this morning when we overslept, but thankfully awoke just before the daily toddler group arrived (who were using the room we were sleeping in)
So I had a 4 hour sleep in the daytime today, and I'm just preparing myself to go again tonight. C'mon!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hole in the wall

My quiet sedate village of Steyning hit the headlines today. At 4 in the morning, a cash machine in Steyning highstreet was hit by a JCB! As you can see, not much was left of it and I expect a lot of money was taken. It's been quite a talking point. My Mum even works at the school where the JCB was stolen from. Steyning made the headlines of South Today and here's a link to a BBC news website on all the comossion.
As I walked down the highstreet this evening I saw the following amusing sign on the door of HSBC - 'We will be closed til further notice due to unforeseen circumstances.'

Friday, September 09, 2005

Prayer, prayer and bike rides

Wallpaper lining, masking tape and my hands. Not the best combination. Actually, it was a fairly successful day setting up the prayer room, although I did have to laugh at my practical skills on occasions! We did manage to put up some wire on the ceiling which we will be hanging drapes from, but our attempt to put a gazebo up indoors didn't work cos the ceiling was too low. On the whole though we're nearly ready to go. COME ON!!
I'm well looking forward to Nick and Jon coming down on Monday night, and they are in the priviliged position of being able to get to both the Canterbury prayer room and Upper Beeding's. As the 2 somehow seem linked that is really cool!

Well as you can see the prayer week is really the only thing on my mind at the mo. Oh, Nick, Katy and Rachel deserve a mention for their 80 mile sponsored bike ride today and tomorrow. You go guys! Check out their blogs for all the news.

More rabbles of DNAers

Cricket's going well at the moment. Been preparing the prayer room today and will do more tomorrow.
Hmm, let's have some more photos from last week. I found these on Windo's blog so if you want 125 pics of us you can do the same.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Is cricket the new football?

Some time ago I wrote an entry with the same heading and I think it had a record number of comments on it.
I could go into my opinions on the formation and the manager but it just makes me unhappy. Let's just mention the words :

Belief and Passion

2 things are wonderful cricketers are displaying in abundance at the moment. Come on England. Bring home the Ashes!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

...but the story carries on

So lets look ahead then.
This week I am getting things ready for a week of 24-7 prayer at Upper Beeding Baptist Church (my home) from 11th-18th September. This was an idea which came to me back in November and got planned in January so it's really exciting that now the week is here. If you could pray for us that would be fantastic.
Some of you would also know that I was involved in trying to set up a prayer week in Herne Bay during April this year. Well, that never really got off the ground but since then the vision has been changed and the progress has just snowballed! I can confirm that there will be a week of prayer in a shop in Canterbury from 10th-17th September.
Having been out of the planning of that for a while now, the nearly identical dates just blow me away!!!!

And after that I have 2 weeks to get myself together and I'm off to Uni on October 2nd.

The end of a chapter ...

So there we are. I'm no longer a DNAer. You'll have to call me just 'Pete' from now on.
It's been a great last week, with a residential in Burton til Friday and then a camping weekend in the Peak District til Sunday. What fun!
Highlights of the residential included the posh meal, crazy dancing, DNA top trumps and just being with everyone. I'm going to miss so many people. The end still hasn't really sunk in - maybe i feel more like on a weeks holiday and I'll be going back soon. But really that is it. I'm really going to have to try hard to stay in touch with so many people.
Anyway, back to my travels. And the weekend was so much fun!! 13 of us pitched up our tents in Edale, and we kicked back and relaxed. It was great to spend time the DNAers in a relaxed setting where we didn't actually have to do anything!! The Saturday included a 6 hour 6 mile walk, which I completed with only mild grumblings, and then the highlight had to be the saturday night where we all packed into a 3 man tent for games of Uno and Mafia. Let's just say there was lots of relaxed silliness.
Fantastic way to end a life changing chapter. The chapter is now officially ended, but the story must carry on.