Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Winning cricket, shopping and The Clack-Attack

Victory. Oh what a victory!

Went shopping in Brighton today with my Mum. It's great going shopping with my Mum cos I don't have to worry if something's too expensive! I probably spent more today than I had in the last few months put together. Purchases included a new pair of jeans, a pair of Reebok trainers (to encourage me to do exercise) and a couple of books - 'Curious incident of the dog in the nightime' and 'the DeVinci code.' Both books bought simply so that I don't have to have a second hand opinion.

Back to the Bay tomorrow. These weeks home just seem to fly by too quickly. Oh, and finally, fellow DNAer Tim Clack deserves a mention for making the first entry on his blog that he's had for over 3 months now. No longer does he have the most popular EMPTY blog. Tim, you are now worthy of a link.

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