Thursday, August 11, 2005

I Love Liverpool

Me and Beth had the long job yesterday of phoning around everyone going to MerseyFest with Re:act. They need to know that they had to take a plate, bowl, cutlery, cup, teatowel, torch and waterproofs. It's such a basic kitlist and got a bit frustrating at times with mobiles switched off and answerphones etc, but ironically I don't own any of those items in Herne Bay ... well maybe waterproofs.
Anyway, Re:act starts on Friday. I'll do my best to try and explain it although it's a bit of a mission. (heehee) On Friday we all go to Uttoxeter for a residential of training etc. Then on Monday we split into 2 and half the people go to the South West and the other half go to Liverpool to join in with MerseyFest. We'll be putting on family fun days. My role is to co-lead a small group of those on Re:act, aged 14+. That goes on til Sunday. Then an evaluation day, and I'm back in the Bay on Monday 22nd. So as I'll be camping there may be no blog til then. boohoo.
Oh, by the way I'm on the Mersey:Fest team. Oh yes. Come on Liverpool. I LOVE LIVERPOOL!

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