Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Back in the Bay ... for a few days

3 hours of train journey flew by as I started reading 'The Curious Incident....' It's a great book about a boy with Aspergus Syndrome. He's an absolute genious at Maths and I was left scratching my head at times. Good to get the grey matter working again, although it does hurt on occasions. There's so much stuff to write about from the book that it may deserve it's own blog entry soon ... maybe, I'll finish it first.
So my first activity back in the Bay was my last ever time at D:caff. Great, fun evening though with loads of really competitive games of table tennis. It's so much fun to play games which are really competitive and close, where you have to play oyur best just to stand a chance. I'm getting better and I find it really hard to let the young people win!!! So competitive.
Off to Re:act on Friday. Paul's explained it all so see the Windo's blog if the word 'Re:act' leaves you scratching your head.

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