Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What a plonker

I feel like a dippystick! a right plonker. It's been quite a bizarre day.
Everything started well. I got into the office just before 10am and settled into my pile of Re:Act admin. Worship songs blaring, and I was singing my little heart out, enjoying typing away at a computer. All was going swimmingly. Until at half 11 I made a fatal error which would change my whole day.
I decided to go and get a drink from downstairs. Shutting the office door behind me, I headed off down the stairs. Half way down, I had a terrible thought, 'What if the door has locked its self.' It was one of those dreadful sinking feelings of realisation. I stopped dead for atleast a minute trying to remember whether the door would be locked. Slowly I returned to the door to find my nightmare realised. I was locked out of the room, with the office keys and everything else in the room. All I had was my mobile.
Frantically, I started looking around for a spare key and then started phoning around. Jo was out and Marcus is in London. I was stuffed. I sat outside the office for a couple of hours with Tim Hughes singing away from inside the room on constant loop. Then I decided to try and get home but noone was in and I didnt have a key. At 2 o'clock Jo offered me shelter and a sandwich. I've just got home at half 4.
That's how to completely waste a day.

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